My creating process of an abstract work is fluid and natural. It follows the evolution of painting without always respecting a preconceived notion. At the beginning of a canvas, I don't always have a clear idea of ​​the color palette and its composition. I sometimes end up with something very different from what I had imagined. This spontaneous process is the magic of the abstract painting adventure. My painting then becomes a reflection of my thoughts, my emotions and the mood i feel at this moment. My paintings are sometimes representations of recognizable subjects. Others are pure abstraction composed of seemingly random forms and values. I seek to find a depth that exceeds the simple dimension of the canvas. I wish to confront and express what is not necessarily obvious at first sight. Some fields dreamlike and ethereal, others rather bold and purely energetic. Any painting representing an escape from the physical and banal world, in a kind of alternative projection to the world where we evolve. Each canvas is a new interrogation, a path to a random and subtle aesthetic where everyone can read and find the meaning that suits him.